Billing and Mediation
ANTís telecom specialists know that modern billing systems must support several different (and newer) services that are priced and billed in unconventional ways. Our Telecom Practice helps service providers reduce costs of upgrading or migrating their systems while increasing their speed to market with new services.

ANT has a proven track record of successfully implementing customized billing solutions for leading service providers in the USA.

ANT Expertise

Our billing expertise spans Wireline, Wireless, Broadband, Cable, MVNE and MVNO segments. Given our strength of experience in enterprise solutions such as ERP, CRM, SCM and a vast array of technologies, we offer a single-source of solutions for a variety of development and integration challenges in billing.

We gained significant expertise of the Billing processes in Telecom, spanning:

  • Mediation and rating
  • Pre-paid and post-paid billing
  • VoIP billing
  • Cable broadband billing
  • Convergent billing
  • Carrier access & interconnect billing
  • Single-bill
  • Usage-based and transaction-based billing
  • Bill adjustment
  • EBPP
ANT Offerings

Our services offerings are focused on improving accuracy and efficiency in the billing process. We offer a wide range of services to help our clients gain these benefits. The services include:
  • Business process analysis
  • Process redesign, re-engineering, optimization
  • Design and implementation of enhancements to implement newer products / services
  • Single Bill solutions
  • QA and testing
  • Design and development of web interfaces
  • Integration with other business and OSS applications

Success story: Bill Adjustment Solution


Leading The carrier had over a hundred expert call center agents to resolve customer requests for bill adjustment. The process had several chinks and long turnaround cycles.

ANT Solution

ANT optimized the process and developed an application with hooks into the carrierís billing system. The solution thus provided a unified view of the entire billing process and seamless flow of information across the carriers systems.Benefits to Client
  • Automated the flow
  • Reduced errors
  • Reduced costs significantly by releasing agents for other tasks
  • Reduced the cost of re-engineering or adding a feature on the billing system itself
  • Reduced turnaround on bill adjustment requests
  • Increased customer satisfaction