Banking Solutions
ANT enables retail and corporate banks to address business priorities such as Enhanced Product Offerings, End-Customer Satisfaction, System Extensibility, Scalability and Cost Optimization. ANT's banking group leverages its knowledge of the industry's business and technology drivers to provide innovative solutions and help our clients position superior customer offerings.
ANT Expertise:

We have rich domain expertise in the banking services industry that enables practical insights into real-world situations and challenges faced by global banks across geographies.Our consultants have helped identify and address banking needs from the technology and domain perspectives, working on industry 'pain points' such as Basel II, Reference Data Services, AML Solutions, Check 21, Structured Financial Offerings and Vehicles. Expertise in wide range of technologies and banking domain, enables us to deliver business relevant solutions.

ANT Offerings:

We offer a wide range of technology services and solutions for Global banks. Solutions that improve efficiency, customer service and regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive domain offerings include:

    Wholesale Banking

  • Messaging & Payment Solutions
  • Cash Management
  • Trade Finance
  • Treasury Services
    Institutional Banking

  • Investment Services
  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Products
  • Derivatives Trading
  • Risk Management
    Retail Banking

  • Branch Banking
  • Deposit Products
  • Online Banking and Channel management
  • Customer Care, Teller Services, etc.
ANT AdvantEdge:
  • Banking
  • Experience with global banks
  • Domain expertise in retail, wholesale and institutional banking
  • Depth of expertise and experience across wide spectrum of technologies
  • End-to-end services