Media & Entertainment
ANT's M & E Framework

Sweeping global changes, such as corporate consolidation and the growth of digital technology, have challenged existing business models and intensified rivalries across the media and entertainment industry. This intense competition has prompted media companies to scrutinize business strategies across the board, looking for ways to manage advertising sales more effectively, retain the most profitable customers and find new ways to exploit digital technology.

From giant media conglomerates to publishers and film and music studios, from cable and satellite providers to advertising firms, companies need more data than ever before to manage a business. To dominate their markets, media and entertainment companies must harness the intelligence hidden in their data, whether it is customer information, supply chain forecasts or IT performance statistics.

ANT's vision of the Media and Entertainment space is driven by the concept of a Universal Content Framework. Simply put this implies that a content owner should be able to send any content (text, audio, video, etc.) over any medium (wireless, twisted pair, broadcast, etc.) to any device (gaming console, phones, computing devices, appliances, etc.). Keeping in mind of course, the business model supporting this technology requirement integrated with the business application.

Moreover, this should be done at the lowest cost possible, in the most painless way possible, and in a manner that protects the rights of the owner of the content. Clearly today's technology enables some of this, while some remain in the range of technically probable, but commercially non-viable. Some of the implementations are geography specific - based on standards adoption and popularity.

Its clear that internal systems of Media and Entertainment companies will need to be redesigned to some extent to accommodate some of these changes. Publishing and Broadcast Management Systems need to be architected to allow for easier interaction with external systems. All of these will need to interact with the business systems (ERPs) used in this industry. And last, but not least, new technologies need to be assimilated into the enterprise technology framework of companies in this space. This includes Asset Management and Rights Management technologies, Service Oriented Architecture & frameworks and advanced analytical tools.

The ANT Differentiator
  • On time and on budget delivery, driven by proven application development methodology, Certified at CMM Level 4 and demonstrated across projects
  • Accelerated development through library of components and familiarity with major platforms
  • Faster ramp up and time to market driven by knowledge experience of Media Business applications and requirements
  • Stability and competitive edge through ANT's partnership model and ongoing commitment to the Media & Entertainment business
  • Tremendous cost savings for global media businesses through offshore delivery centers and hybrid (offshore-onsite) maintenance and development methodology

ANT is committed to being the technology partner of choice of choice for leading players in this industry. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are able to use technology for business results. ANT brings to the table relevant, reliable and robust solutions for Media & Entertainment companies the world over.

ANT Solutions
    Web Content Management
  • Platform based or custom designed solutions for web content sourcing, creation, staging, publishing and archiving. Key platforms include Interwoven, Vignette, Open Market, ATG, BroadVision. Custom solutions in J2EE or ASP environments
  • eJuvenating Content
  • ANT also undertakes ongoing support and maintenance of all content management applications with a view to managing & extending the lifecycle of these applications and providing significant cost saving through the offshore delivery center in Bangalore.
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Collection, storage, retrieval and "management" of digital assets aimed at reducing costs of management and delivering higher value to internal and external customers. Digital Rights Management Technological solutions for protection of intellectual property of non-perishable digital content once it has left the organization.
  • Streaming Media Solutions
  • Live or stored streaming solutions and media player customization.
  • Broadband Solutions
  • Solutions for basic and value added applications for broadband access providers and partners. From broadband provisioning, billing and Quality-of-service management to Value-added services like Gaming, eLearning, Video On Demand, Web Radio etc. Application Integration Using a number of models, including Web Services, EAI or custom middleware, we help disparate applications (ERPs, Business Applications, Web Based Applications etc.) work together to share information and deliver business results seamlessly
  • Business Intelligence
  • We use well-known platforms to derive meaningful business information out of user data generated through the site or other interaction with customers, and easy to use web-based systems for helping decision makers analyze this information.
  • Custom Applications
  • ANT has extensive experience in providing web-based technology solutions to media companies, across geographies and business models. Our assignments have ranged from Strategy Consulting to Application Development, from conceptualizing engineering solutions, to maintaining existing applications.