Legacy OSS Migration

Telecom service providers are constantly under severe pressure to deliver quality service in a dynamic and competitive environment. These organizations have realized that continuously upgrading and maintaining their Networks in the face of rapidly changing technological landscape is critical to their success. ANT has been working closely with Telecom companies and supporting them in ensuring Network and operations perform impeccably.

ANT Expertise

Our domain and technology experts have expertise in business and strategy analysis, regulatory analysis, Network Architecture Planning, Design & Engineering and Operations Planning, Design & Engineering. Our professionals have thorough understanding of regulatory regimes in the USA. Our consultants have expertise in both access and core networks and provide consulting services in Network Architecture and Operations Planning, Design & Engineering. Our operations support group consists of senior industry professionals with significant experience in managing and supporting state of the art networks.

ANT Offerings

We provide a range of services to Telecom companies in the Network and operations domain. These include:

Network Planning and Design Consulting

We provide the following services as a part of our network and operations planning and design consulting:

  • Business and Strategy Analysis
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Network Architecture Planning, Design, Engineering
  • Operations Planning, Design, Engineering

Business and Strategy Analysis

We can assist you with the analysis, opportunity identification, business case development as you contemplate introducing new services, products, and technologies. Among the services we provide are:

  • Research and analysis of market size, trends, and demographics
  • Business case and risk analysis; quantitative analysis and decision support
  • Competitive environment and ongoing competition monitoring
  • Development of custom tools & applications to aid the above efforts
Regulatory Analysis

Our professionals have extensive understanding of the regulatory regimes of USA and India. Our services include:
  • Analysis of potential impact of regulation on design and implementation of your products
    and services
  • Identification of opportunities opened by regulation or de-regulation
  • Custom development of tools and applications that take advantage of the above including pricing models, rate structures, best cost routing, cross-territory economics, interconnection, hotelling/collocation
  • Assistance with timely and accurate documentation required by regulatory/government agencies

Network Architecture Planning, Design, Engineering

In addition to analyzing your emerging network strategies and assessing available technologies to meet your tactical and strategic needs, and provide planning, designing, and engineering assistance. We will help you in evaluating your Present Method of Operations (PMO), in formulating your Future Method of Operations (FMO), in finding current industry standards and forums information covering network architecture, engineering, operations and services. We have expertise in both access and core networks and will support you in architecting and designing the converging networks and services. In addition to ANTís vast experience in PSTN, our expertise encompasses several areas categorized below:

  • Next Generation Networks (Layers 1, 2, and 3) and services (VoIP, VPN, MPLS, PONs, IP Centrex, multimedia services, etc.)
  • NGOSS and OSS Through Java
  • Wireless (GSM, CDMA, 3G, GPRS, UMTS, WiFi, WiLAN)

Operations Planning, Design, Engineering

We assist service providers in the analysis of current operations, planning, designing, and engineering of solutions to fix the gaps or introduce new efficiencies. Our talent is drawn from a pool of experts with vast experience in service provider operations as well as networks, OSS , technologies, and change management. Some key features of this service include:

  • Design and engineering of processes and systems
  • Auditing of current operations, processes, and resources and recommending best practices

Network Operations Support

Today, we are a preferred provider of expert consulting services to leading telecom service providers in the USA , some for more than a decade. Our professionals have worked on some of the most challenging and complex assignments in operations management and support in wire line, wireless, and convergence areas. In addition to service providers, some of the leading TDM switching and next generation platform vendors choose ANT as a partner of preference in seeking process and operations support. ANTís reliable service brings their product/service delivery cost down besides enhancing customer service and the quality of product/service.

In addition to custom application development (software and hardware), our professionals are at work supporting customers in various capacities including:

  • Customer and help desk support Ė Tiers 1 through 4 and expert consulting
  • OSP and wire center installation and support
  • Field engineering
  • Configuration and deployment
  • Project and program management
  • Technical writing
  • Training
  • Product management
  • Localization and globalization
  • Network security

Success story: Rolling out New Services


A leading telecommunications service provider in the USA recently embarked on developing a Broadband platform that enabled triple play Ė voice, data & video services. A critical component of the rollout was the development of the right OSS applications to support the new platform and resulting services. The client needed a system that provided a high degree of automation and flow-through.

ANT Solution

ANT assisted the client in analyzing, planning, and designing a complex provisioning application for the broadband platform in addition to developing the application, all in a short span.

ANT's domain experts helped with the analysis of the regulatory, process and technology imperatives of the new platform. They also assessed the potential strategic impact of various technologies and standards on the client's networks and markets and how it would translate into good economics for the client. Working closely with the client's team, ANT specialists delivered service of the highest quality, leading to ANT being awarded the contract for development of the application.

Benefits to Client

The application was developed in a very short span due to ANT's expertise, efficiency, and the ability of our teams to work seamlessly with the client's teams. The application was a significant breakthrough for the client since it automated several tasks within the typical provisioning life cycle.