Wireless / Mobile Application Development Competency Center

ANT Wireless Competency team / Center is responsible for executing wireless projects for mobiles, smartphones, Pocket PC, PDA and Palm, Developing reusable components that can be used across wireless projects , providing wirless consulting to clients (Internal and external), and improving ANT's wireless core expertise.

ANT is on the leading edge in delivering innovative wireless solutions that cut costs, boost productivity, and generate new revenues for clients. These enterprise - not consumer - solutions empower mobile workers, suppliers, and customers with just the right information at precisely the right time. ANT assists enterprises in extending their legacy or web-enabled applications to the wireless world. ANT leverage expertise in the e-business space to provide robust, scalable, secure solutions to our customers.

Wireless presents daunting application development challenges-a proliferation of devices with different capabilities and display formats, still evolving protocols, emerging standards, new programming languages. It takes skilled, knowledgeable developers who understand and appreciate the intricacies and complexities of advanced technology and who can quickly master wireless application design and development.
ANT has been a pioneering and key player in the development of application software for the
Windows CE, Symbian / EPOC 32 OS and Palm OS platforms.

Mobile and wireless refers to the sum of all wire-free technologies, comprising licensed and unlicensed technologies. The major licensed technologies are public cellular technologies: GSM, CDMA and TDMA. Unlicensed technologies are for shorter range networks, and include Wireless LAN, radio frequency (RF) and Bluetooth. Each of these technologies has its specific characteristics, and its relevance varies by application.

Our wireless / mobile solutions span a great variety of technologies and platforms.

Service expertise of Wireless team:

With an unflinching commitment to excellence. Motivated by an ambition to continually make a mark in the mobile and wireless industry, we extend our expertise to provide customized solutions for the corporate and vertical markets.

  • For organizations with existing Internet applications, we can help to quickly redesign and extend those applications to the wireless environment.
  • For organizations that are looking for ways to leverage the wireless Web, our full lifecycle services can help identify opportunities and architect and implement solutions.
  • For organizations that have already identified their wireless applications, we can deliver the technology, skilled development resources, and project managers necessary to build those applications fast by leveraging its onshore/offshore development model




    Wireless Skill Set at ANT

  • Wireless Technologies
    Java™ 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME),Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW), WAP/WML/WML Script, JavaCard, SMS, GPRS, Bluetooth, Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD), Cell broadcast (CB), SIM Application Toolkit (SAT), Mobile Station Application Execution Environment (MExE)

  • Wireless OS's
    Palm OS all versions, including 4.0, Windows CE all versions, Symbian (Epoc), Pocket PC, Amiga OS
  • Wireless Development tools
    Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, Mobile Web SDK, OracleMobile Online Studio – solution hosted by OracleMobile, Bluestone Total-e-Mobile, Lutris Enhydra , Morphis
  • Servers
    Microsoft Mobile information server (MIS)
  • Methodologies
    UML, Design Patterns, OOAD/OOP, XProgramming